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A Present for LGBT Pride Month: The Religious Reich is Losing

See it for yourself! From the horses mouth…One News Now, a media source known for its empathy and ability to identify with the common man, Main Street and most Americans, has posted a poll […image after jump…]

It is quite apparent by the editor’s note, the sole intention of the poll was to feed fuel to the fire that is appropriately known as the Religious Reich. Forgetting that the United States is a “melting pot,” the Reich preaches fear and hate while promoting the ignorance that too often results in violence against the LGBT and Allied community.

June 4, 2009 4

Stupid Things People Say About Gays: Gays Attempting to Obtain Privilege Nobody Else is Allowed

First, I’m going to talk about the comment, “It’s about homosexuals obtaining a privilege that nobody else is allowed to have.” As a long time resident of Texas, USA, Earth, I know with certainty that no one has ever been allowed to marry except the homosexual. In the United States, homosexuals already receive numerous privileges that are denied to everyone else, like marriage, adoption rights, 401K benefits from a spouse, Social security death benefits, etc…etc…etc… Those privileges are provided gladly by our government to homosexuals, but no one else… they are exclusive to us. (Note the sarcasm?).

February 17, 2009 1