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Tennessee Bill Debated Today to Ban Gay in Schools

March 18, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Discrimination, LGBT News, Youth Issues

Radical extremist and Religious Reich member, Stacey Campfield, of Tennessee has introduced more controversial legislation.  With his latest push to outlaw the word “gay” from Tennessee schools, Campfield has stooped to a new low.

The proposed ban would prevent public elementary and middle school educators from providing information about nay form of sexual orientation and/or gender identity with the exclusion being heterosexuality.

On Mr. Campfield’s blog, which I refuse to link to but can be found easily enough, Mr. Campfield writes this about education:

Pass Education first so education can become funded properly instead of just a battle cry for more taxes, Pass local option for election of school superintendents to give locals more power and input in fixing their education system, Allow school choice at least for students in failing schools to help get kids a first class education, Remove teacher tenure putting teachers under civil service protection so teachers can be held accountable and principals can fix failing schools, allow merit pay for teachers who work in failing schools or improve standardized test scores of children to reward success and achievement, Allow home school students to play sports in schools their family pay taxes on.

It seems Mr. Campfield has forgotten his own words, “help get kids a first class education.”

On the bright side, at least in my humble opinion, such a bill would criminalize the Bible (or at least teaching the Bible) since homosexuality is discussed [allegedly] within its texts.

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