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Lawsuit Filed to Remove “God” from Inauguration

Try as I might I can’t decide which group will suffer the most from the association. Will the reputation of the LGBT community suffer from the association with the atheist organizations the most or will the atheist associations suffer the association with the LGBT community the most?

January 9, 2009 0

Gay Mob Runs Christians out of Castro

Recently, a group of “Christians” were run out of San Francisco’s Castro District by a “Gay Mob”. I love the elevation this story has received in calling it a “gay mob.” Video footage of the incident shows a group of people being escorted by police while a group of homosexuals (and/or those supporting homosexual rights) are chanting things such as “stay out of our neighborhoods if you don’t like us.” Christian right-wing organizations are appalled and outraged that they were not allowed by this mob to express their religious freedom. Well, there’s a taste of your own medicine for you. This incident has inspired this issue of “Stupid Things People Say About Gays”…

November 20, 2008 4