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LGBT Heroes Project: Laura Gentle and the Atlanta Eagle Raid

Laura Gentle was the first straight Co-President in Lambda’s some 35-year history and was also heavily involved in women’s rights as the founder of the University of West Georgia’s first feminist organization that fostered straight, lesbian and bi-sexual feminist ideology.

After moving to Midtown, she lent support to many LGBT and civil rights organizations, including: the Stonewall Democrats, Georgia Equality, AID Atlanta and YouthPride through financial contributions and volunteering.

October 28, 2009 0

Closet Talk: Jane’s Story – Straight Allies and Heterophobia

Perhaps one of, if not the, greatest asset to the quest for LGBT equality is our heterosexual allies. These people, for reasons known only to them, “come out” and support LGBT people and often face similar ridicule and harassment that LGBT people face.

In this episode of Closet Talk, jaysays.com talked with Jane Wishon, a straight ally, about her “coming out” as a supporter of equality. Jane spoke eloquently about why she joined the fight and her epiphone moment, when she realized separate was not equal in the fight for marriage equality.

June 4, 2009 0