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The Fine Brothers Got it Right: Prop 8 Wasn’t About Marriage

May 26, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Thought of the Gay

The Fine Bros. - Prop 8 SeriesIt’s likely not news that the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, which bans same-gender marriage in the state.  However, as previously discussed, the Court was actually asked the question, “Can a majority amend the Constitution to take away the rights of a minority?”

The Court answered that, indeed, the process to amend or revise the California Constitution does allow for civil rights to be taken away by a majority vote when such rights are not protected by the United States Constitution.  The Fine Brothers have been analyzing this scenario since Proposition 8 was approved by voters in November, 2008 with a series of web-based videos showing what would happen if other rights were voted upon.

Without further ado, the latest and last episode of The Fine Brother’s Prop 8 series:

Top Web Filmmakers Unite for Anti-Prop 8 Web Series

March 12, 2009 By: jaysays Category: LGBT News, Marriage Equality

Imagine if constitutionally protected rights were invalidated – that’s what you’ll see in the series being produced by The Fine Brothers (and actually they are pretty good looking guys).  Here’s the first video which explores taking away the right to freedom of religion:


Hollywood, CA — 03/11/09 – Benny & Rafi Fine (http://www.TheFineBrothers.com), one of the most popular internet filmmakers of all time, have released the first of five episodes in a web series against Proposition 8, which overturned same sex couple’s marriage rights and is currently back in the California courts. The series, entitled “Prop 8: The Web Series”, puts an irreverent comedic spin on the controversial proposition. Each episode presents various rights from the California Constitution, and presents a “What if?” scenario of what it would be like if those rights were taken away. Known for their sometimes controversial brand of satire, the Fine Brothers hold nothing back in making a bold statement for equality for all.

The Brothers attempted to find a company willing to help produce the series to no avail, and decided to make it independently out of their own pocket. Filming took place in part at the home of a married same sex couple, film composer Joseph Carrillo and Gregory Frye whose marriage hangs in the balance of the upcoming court ruling.

The cause brought in a large cast of well known talent from across the web video community. The episodes star not only the brothers themselves, but also includes Sara E. R. Fletcher from Fremantle’s “Secret Girlfriend” and her husband Brad, Maxwell Glick from “LonelyGirl15”, Woody Tondorf from HBO Labs, Channel101.com veterans Scott Chernoff and Andy Goldblatt, Tubefilter reviewer and screenwriter Lindsay Stidham, rising YouTube star Shane Dawson, actress and activist for IndustryForCharity.org Lisa Schwartz, stage and screen actress Katie Locke O’Brien, and comedienne Dayyanah Coleman.

The series will be distributed over the next 90 days until a decision is made on the lawsuits that followed the passing of the proposition.

“We hope we do not have the chance to release all of the episodes of the series, and that the state does the right thing and overturns Prop 8 to restore equal rights for same sex couples across the state”, said Benny Fine, the older brother. “We have plans to continue using our large fanbase and exposure on the web to create similar content for as long as it takes until this is changed on the federal level”, added Rafi Fine.

About The Fine Brothers:
Benny & Rafi Fine are one of web video’s pioneers, creating content for nearly five years and receiving millions of views from every website imaginable. They are most well known for their LOST parodies and Movie Spoiler videos, and are currently in production with Comedy Central, Just For Laughs and iKlipz among others.

Additional information can be found on their online press kit:

They are represented by Abrams Artists Agency and Ziffren Law and can be reached at TheFineBros@gmail.com