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Stupid Things People Say About Gays: All Pornography is Gay Porn.

September 20, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Featured, Stupid Things People Say About Gays

Stupid Things People Say About GaysToday, I opened up one of my favorite blogs in my feed, Foolocracy to discover something I’d missed.  My instincts were to smack myself in the head and declare myself a bad gay blogger for letting this wonderfully perfect “Stupid Thing People Say About Gays” nearly slip past me. But instead of focusing on my inadequacies, I thought I would first give Glenn Church, author at Foolocracy, a few praises. He is an exceptional political blogger and I always find his humor and insight refreshing.

According to his article and the supporting video on his site, Sen. Tom Corburn’s Chief of Staff, Michael Schwartz, is of the opinion that:

…all pornography is homosexual pornography because all pornography turns your sexual drive inwards.  via » Coburn’s Chief Of Staff: “All Pornography Is Homosexual” Foolocracy: Government by fools, silliness and unintelligent people.

Now, rather than focus on the excellent points Glenn made, here’s something else to consider:  If all pornography is homosexual porn, then it would stand to reason that everyone in America is a homosexual – or at least the vast majority of Americans who have watched porn are homosexual.

So then, Sen. Corburn and Mr. Schwarts, why don’t gays have equal rights?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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